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  • specialist in klantcontact functies
  • sterk in ICT, Finance en Techniek
  • MBO-, HBO- en WO-vacatures
  • zowel nationaal als internationaal


Are you a multilingual candidate?

Are you looking for a job in a multilingual environment and do you speak native German, French, Spanish and/or English?

Apply for Multilingual Vacancies

At Cirrus Staffing Services, you will find exciting and inspiring job opportunities, both temporary and with permanent employment perspectives.
We are always looking for people who speak one or more European languages with a good command of the English language. We specialise in contactcenter jobs, including customer service representatives and technical helpdesk specialists.

As a contact center employee, you answer phone calls, fax and/or e-mails from clients and customers. In each case, professional interaction with the customer and resolving the issue is the key. You will be thoroughly trained by our clients to ensure that you have the tools and abilities to help your customer.

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