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Work Permit

If you are from one of the EU member countries, a work permit is not required.

A residence permit, however, is indeed required once you work for three months or longer in The Netherlands. This permit should bear one of the following texts overleaf:

  • Arbeid vrij toegestemd
  • TWV niet vereist' (‘Work is freely permitted; work permit not required')
  • Arbeid vrij toegestemd, verblijf bij echtgenoot' (‘Work is freely permitted, residence with husband').

If you are a national of a non-EU country, you must request an authorisation for Temporary Stay (Melding Voorlopig Verblijf, MVV) from the Dutch embassy in your own country (again, there are some exceptions to this rule). Once in The Netherlands, you must report to the Aliens Police within three days upon arrival and bring the MVV permit in order to apply for a residence permit. If required, Unique Multilingual will provide you with the information you need to obtain your residence permit. A useful site is www.IND.nl

Work permit
If you are a non-EU resident and you do not have the remark on your residence permit “Arbeid is vrij toegestaan” you need a valid work permit (Tewerkstellingsvergunning), before you can work. You can get information about work permits from the Regional Employment Office (CWI Centrum voor werk en inkomen). The process can take from one to six months.
When your permit expires, together with your employer you need to apply for an extension of your work permit. You remain responsible for having a work permit and we advise you to apply for extension at least two months prior to the expiration date.
We are not allowed to employ you without a valid work permit.

Steps to take in order to work in The Netherlands:

  • Apply for a residence permit at the Aliens police office (Vreemdelingenpolitie).
  • Persons from non-EU member countries should first apply for a residence permit and can only register with the council (‘Gemeente').
  • Apply for a BSN-number (Burger service number) at the Tax office (‘Belastingkantoor').
  • You may have to wait a few days for your BSN-number to be issued; the council authorities can inform you exactly on how much time it will take specifically.
  • Persons from non-EU countries should apply for a work permit at the labour office
    prior to doing any paid work.
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